Credit Consultation


Analyze and review your Three (3) Credit Bureau Reports to determine what is impacting your Credit/FICO Scores:

Derogatory Credit Accounts


Positive Credit

Payment History

Length Of Credit History

Types of Credit

Debt-to-Credit Ratio

How to Build Positive Credit

How to Maintain Positive Credit

Expedited Credit Repair

(Upfront Fee $850)*

The fastest way to Credit Repair and permanent removal of derogatory items reporting on all Three (3) Credit Bureaus.  TheCreditDocs works fast, hard and uses the best practices approach to restore your credit.

Prices starting at $850* and up depending on what is reporting and how many derogatory items are reflected on all Three (3) Credit Bureau Reports.  Each client’s credit repair is quoted on a case-by-case basis and prices start at $850* for a full credit sweep to permanently remove derogatory items reporting on each bureaus credit file.

Removal of all or any of the following:

3rd party Collections (Medical, Utility, Credit/Charge Accounts, Cell phone, etc…)

Charge-Offs (Original Creditor)

Late Payments


Foreclosure & Short Sales

Bill Collector Cease and Desist ( Additional Fees)

Student Loans

Tax liens



Monthly Subscription Plan*

($199 Enrollment & $100 monthly subscription)

Cash flow issues? No problem.  TheCreditDocs can help fix your credit on a monthly subscription payment basis.  We work to remove most derogatory items reporting on all Three (3) Credit Bureaus but on a monthly basis**. The time frame can take anywhere from 3-9 months or longer in some instances for a complete sweep and removal of the derogatory items.  

3rd Party Collections (medical, utility, and Credit/Charge accounts)

Charge-Offs (Original Creditor)

Student Loans




Customer Satisfaction Assurance

TheCreditDocs prides itself on working hard and expediently on your behalf to provide actual results.  WE legally cannot guarantee results but can assure you that you will see positive changes with permanent deletions and removal of derogatory items from your credit report within 15-30 days.  And, in some cases with the Expedited Credit Repair Option in as quickly as 7-10 days.

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*The $850 Expedited Pricing Option is for permanently removal of up to 10 Derogatory items, pricing varies depending upon the number of derogatory items reporting and to be permanently deleted from each client’s credit file(s).


**Removal of 3 derogatory items per month.  $199 Enrollment Fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE “Nominal Account Activation Fee”/Credit Reporting Audit Fee which includes: Client set-up fees, paperwork submission and processing for client portal.