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Home Mortgage Funding

Because we work expeditiously on behalf of our client, they can quickly buy a new home or refinance their existing loan with today’s lower interest rates. TheCreditDocs has a nationwide broker program to assist our clients in securing funding with a home loan or refinance once we quickly restore your credit.

TheCreditDocs has helped thousands of clients change their life by becoming first time homeowners or refinance an existing mortgage to take advantage of today’s markets low interest rates.

Call, email or text today and start your journey of creating a better financial life for you and your family

TheCreditDocs works exclusively with our nationwide Mortgage & Real Estate Broker network to provide Real Estate Clients the best credit repair to expedite the process for home loan funding.  TheCreditDocs works quickly and efficiently to remove all erroneously and negative reporting credit items that may be impacting your FICO Score. Results in as quickly as 10-15 business days* although individual results may vary.

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