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Credit Repair 

​Once TheCreditDocs has accomplished our goal of restoring your credit and improving upon your credit/FICO scores we also assist in Personal and Business funding.  We can and will walk you through the process of establishing your credit with high limit/low interest rates lines of credit and credit cards.  If interested please inquire about our services post Credit Repair. 

We are a full service credit repair company!
Regardless of your credit situation, we have the expertise to improve and increase your Credit/FICO score to place you in excellent credit standing. With our proven credit repair strategies, we CAN legally remove inaccurate, outdated or unverifiable erroneous items listed on your credit report: 

  • Collections & Charge offs       
  • Late payments
  • Inquiries 
  • Repossessions
  • Judgments and Settlements 
  • Tax Liens & Garnishments
  • Bankruptcies & Foreclosures
  • Identity Theft & Fraud
  • Student Loans
  • Bill Collectors Cease & Desist

Our credit repair process is tailored to each client’s unique Credit history.  We engage a creative, personalized solution while following all of the laws and regulations in regards to the FCRA & FDCPA and credit reporting industry.  We aggressively dispute each negative, derogatory item listed on your credit report and challenge the credit bureaus, creditors and appropriate parties in a manner that yields the best proven results.  Our aggressive and proven credit repair methods have generated excellent results in deleting negative and erroneous items from our clients credit report thus, improving their credit/FICO scores and credit worthiness.  

Personal & Business Funding

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Adding credit Tradelines can increase credit scores more efficiently, effectively.  Tradelines have been a great and proven method for credit improvement and credit management. Understanding how tradelines work, and the difference between trade lines and credit repair, is as simple as the following two sentences:

  • credit repair is the process by which you remove negative items from your report
  • tradelines is the process by which you add positive accounts to report

​By combining the two strategies of Credit Repair and adding positive Tradelines you will see dramatic increases in your credit/FICO scores in as quickly as 30-60 days (depending on the reporting date).  

If interested in adding seasoned positive Tradelines to your credit profile please inquire about our packages.