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​​​​​​What the Fed raising rates would mean for your credit cards and bank accounts

This major decision can impact your wallet and your credit rating.


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TheCreditDocs is committed to improving the lives of our clients by using the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to remove inaccurate negative items from your credit files to improve your Credit/FICO Scores.  The FCRA is the law that protects consumers from having errors on their credit report.  Bad Credit can cost you thousands of dollars each year through higher interest & finance rates.

 Let’s be realistic here: Inaccuracies in credit reporting affect millions of Americans.  A federal Trade Commission study found 1 in 5 consumers have errors on their credit reports.  And, for 1out of every 20 consumers, the report said those errors could mean having to pay higher interest rates for things like mortgages, car loans, credit cards or insurance. 

​​Here’s how the Fed’s rate hike will affect your credit card interest payments

​Rate increases affect the interest rates you pay on credit cards and Loans.

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Average US Household has more than $16,000 in credit card debt 

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